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Daymakers Classic Functionality

1. How do I fit it to my boots or bindings? 

The adapters simply clamp around your ski boot, and then you step into your ski bindings as you normally would! Please visit this video tutorial or Daymakers written tutorial page for Fall 2021 and later adapters, or the owners manual and pre 2021 video tutorial (adapters prior to Fall 2021) for further details. 

2. Do I need touring boots?

No, you do not need touring boots to work with the Classics! Our alpine adapters are one of the only products on the market aside from framed ski bindings that allow a normal ski boot to be used for ski touring. Most other systems now require a tech compatible ski boot which typically costs an additional 400-$800 to begin ski touring. 

3. Can i use ski touring or walk-mode boots?

Yes! Daymakers will work with all boots that have an iso 5355 sole. This is for downhill ski boots. Daymakers will also function with Gripwalk soles, common to walkmode/ski touring boots and are now becoming the industry standard. You can select the gripwalk option in the dropdown for boot type when ordering Daymakers. If you already own a 4th generation Daymaker (has a 4.5mm diameter toe bail) you can purchase the special Toe Bail Here for Gripwalk compatibility. All adapters made made Fall 2021 and after come with a toe bail that is compatible with both gripwalk and downhill soles. 

4. What is "BSL" or Boot Sole Length?

The Boot Sole Length is how long your ski boot is, in millimeters. This is the industry standard for sizing bindings and measuring ski boots. It is located on the outside of your plastic boot shell, near the heel in small numbers. This number typically ranges between 260mm and 355mm. 

This varies from "Mondo size" which ranges from a 22.0 to a 32.0 

Please visit this page here https://www.daymakertouring.com/pages/presetup-info for a visual detail on how to locate BSL

5. Do you recommend any spare parts?

 If you weigh over 190lbs without gear, we recommend 2 spare pivot bolts located here .

For trips to desolate regions  having a spare rear linkage  is a good idea. Damage to this linkage may be easily avoided by clearing out snow/ice buildup from the Daymakers properly when making the skin track in deep/packy snow. Please see this video here on proper usage 

TEKDAPTERS Functionality

1. How do I fit it to my boots or bindings? 

The Tekdapters should be fit by putting them into your ski binding, expanding the adapter out to your boot size and then closing the length adjustment lever. You then clamp it into your ski binding. Next, activate the Teklock jaw system to clamp your tech-toe boot into place. Full instructions located here 

2. Do I need touring boots?

Yes, TEKDAPTERS require a tech-toe compatible ski boot.

3. Do you recommend any spare parts?

 All TEKDAPTERS spare parts are located here. We recommend a dry bag.

Recommended Gear and Packs

1. Which downhill binding should I get to pair the Daymakers with?

The look Look Pivot series (12,14, or 18 Din) offer trusted high performance and an unsurpassed retention. Most users can get away with the 14 DIN (1155g/side) for powder skiing while saving 200g of weight versus the pivot 18 or 15(1245g/side) all metal series. I really like the ease of clicking into this binding whereas other bindings require much more stepping pressure to clip into. 

Marker Bindings: We recommend the Jester 16 (1054g/side) or Marker Griffon (1019g/side). The Marker binding series is fairly light and has a reliable release. Tests have shown it's lack of elastic range to be one of the safest bindings on the market. It also features an adjustable AFD for varying ski boot heights which is great if you plan to get gripwalk boots. 

Tyrolia Attack series : We recommend this binding for it's reliable release mechanisms, adjustable AFD height for gripwalk or normal downhill ski boot soles, and above all -- its weight. The Tyrolia Attack seems to pack the most bang per ounce. Checkout the AAAttack 13 GW (1035g/side) 

2. Recommended skins?

Please visit our skins page here for more information!


3. Recommended backpack size?

It is always important to select a backpack size appropriate to your needs. You should have at least a 20L pack, but we suggest starting with a 32L backpack with a stomach and chest strap. 

- 1 large compartment for your wet items (daymakers, skins, shovel, probe)
- A dry compartment for extra layers, goggles, etc.
- A spot for food/water storage. 

How to pack your bag with Daymakers

We recommend that you pack your adapters inside your backpack. If you do not have space and want to strap them to the outside of your bag, do so securely. It IS CRUCIAL THAT YOU REMOVE THE HEEL BAIL/CLAMP FROM THE ADAPTER AND PUT THIS INSIDE YOUR BACKPACK!! This assembly is likely to fall off while skiing. We sell dry bags that are custom made to perfectly fit the adapters and spare parts. The dry bag can attach to the outside of your backpack, or go inside and keep snow off of your items.

In the backpack, we typically pack the Adapters in a wet storage area of your pack with the shovel and skins. I like to lay the adapters side by side with the bottoms facing my back. I then place my skins over the adapter to create an extra cushion barrier between my back and the adapters. 


1. Will you ship overseas?

Yes, we ship worldwide for a flat 30USD! We do not pay for sales tax (VAT, GST, PST) or import duties. This is the sole responsibility of the Importer upon delivery.  Please email us at info@daymakertouring.com for further details.

2. How much are import fees?

Import fees vary from nation to nation, but they typically range from $30USD to $60 USD per pair of adapters. Many nations do not get charged any import fee on our adapters. Please consult your governments import policy from the USA on products under the HS code 95061240 (ski bindings/fasteners). 

Australia - 0 % import fees under 1000 AUD
New Zealand - 0% import fees under 1000 NZD

European Union - 17 - 25% VAT, and 2.7% customs duty.
Norway - 25% VAT
Switzerland - 8% import fee
Russia - must use a 3rd party importer to ship to Russia
UK - 20% VAT

North America
Canada - GST (5%), HST & PST due. 
USA - no import fees
Utah - local state tax is due.

Japan - 10% consumption tax due 

China - no fees


Warranties and Returns

1. I broke a piece, what is your warranty policy?

If any components are broken within 365 days of the purchase, we will replace it at no charge, only shipping costs. We sell all parts on our website or by emailing us, and will gladly assist you in restoring your adapters! Our goal is to ensure that every adapter can be repaired and used or resold to stay out of landfills. 

2. What is your return policy?

If you have failed to use it for any reason within 90 days of purchase, you are eligible for a full value refund.  The product must be returned in the unused condition and original product packaging. Customer is fully responsible for all shipping costs and import fees.

*Guarantee does not cover lost or stolen products, but please email us if this is the case

3. What if I'm not satisfied with the product?

Try it before you buy it! we offer a Daymakers rental service . This service allows you to rent Alpine Adapters weekly to see if alpine touring, or the Daymakers are right for you. After the pre-purchased rental period, if you decide that you like the product and would like to purchase it, we will credit 100% of your rental fee and shipping cost towards purchasing a pair of the adapters! 

If the product has been purchased and used, and you would still like to return this product, it will be treated at the value of a rental. Rental fees are $80/week for the Daymakers Alpine Ski Touring Adapter. 

*Daymaker Touring warranties may not be transferred and are reserved for the original purchaser only. All warranty returns must be supported by a copy of the original Proof of Purchase or Daymaker Touring order #. If the original proof of purchase or order # cannot be provided or found on a warranty return, Daymaker Touring will use the manufacturing date as the start of the warranty period.