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1. Is Daymakers a ski binding?

Answer: No, the Daymaker Alpine Adapter connects your ski boot to your downhill ski binding, it is an "adapter". Once properly attached to your boot and inserted in your binding, it allows your heel to lift and for you to ascend mountains when paired with alpine touring skins on your skis. Upon reaching your destination, the adapters can be removed and placed in your backpack.

2. Will you ship overseas?

Answer: Yes, we ship worldwide. All Alpine Adapters have Free Shipping, but we do not pay for sales tax (VAT, GST, PST) or import duties. All Customs fees should be 0$. 

3. How do I fit it to my boots or bindings? 

Answer: The adapters simply clamp to the toe and heal of your boot, and then you step into your ski bindings as you normally would! for further details, please visit our tutorials page. Located on the daymaker alpine adapters product page, there is a link to our youtube page and the owners manual .If you have any other questions please email us, we will be happy to help! Additionally, an instruction page will be sent with the product.

4. I broke a piece, what is your warranty policy?

Answer: if any components are broken within the 6 months from purchase date, we will replace it at no charge, only shipping cost. 

5. What is your return policy?

Answer: Daymaker Touring will replace broken parts subject to normal operating conditions and usage of said adapters, for up to 6 months after the purchase of the product. Daymaker touring is unbounded to pay for the shipping cost, this is assumed to be the responsibility of the customer. If you believe that there has been a manufacturing defect in your product, please notify Daymaker Touring before use. Under the circumstance that there is a manufacturing defect, Daymaker Touring will assume responsibility of the shipping cost. Customer must follow “How To Return An Item” protocols to receive their refund.

Daymaker Touring warranties may not be transferred and are reserved for the original purchaser only. All warranty returns must be supported by a copy of the original Proof of Purchase or Daymaker Touring order #. If the original proof of purchase or order # cannot be provided or found on a warranty return, Daymaker Touring will use the manufacturing date as the start of the warranty period.

6. I don't think this product is right for me, can i return it?

Answer: yes, If you do not believe this product is right for you, or are not satisfied with its performance, you are eligible for a full value refund. To be eligible, the product must be returned within 30 calendar days of receipt from the manufacturer, regardless of communications with Daymaker Touring. Customer is fully responsible for shipping the product to be returned to Daymaker Touring.