We ship direct to all regions of the world! The current shipping price is $30, and import fees/local duties that may be charged upon delivery is the sole responsibility of the importer. Import fees vary from nation to nation, but they typically range from $30USD to $60 USD per pair of adapters. Many nations do not get charged any import fee on our adapters. Please consult your governments import policy from the USA on products under the HS code 95061240 (ski bindings/fasteners). 

You may also visit one of our many trusted resellers throughout the world. Ordering with them with allow for the quickest shipping options while providing the best customer service possible!

If you'd like to see if your local shop carries our products, please ask them. If they do not, recommend us!


Currently no retailers in Canada. Online only through daymakertouring.com

GST (5%), HST & PST due upon delivery. 


Norway  -  Klint Skis Norway

Switzerland - https://ski-shop.ch/

Austria - Sport Harry

European Union - 17 - 25% VAT, and 2.7% customs duty.
Norway - 25% VAT
Switzerland - 8% import fee
Russia - must use a 3rd party importer to ship to Russia
UK - 20% VAT


For Australian orders, please order through BlackBird Bespoke Ski Co . Blackbird Bespoke is based out of Melbourne and has been a trusted retailer since 2017. Prices on Blackbird Bespoke include local shipping with import fees & taxes already paid.

If you'd like skins and other gear with your adapters, you may order directly through daymakertouring.com. Orders under 1000 AUD total value (including shipping) are typically free of any import fees / GST. 

New Zealand

Gnomes, the Ski Experts - Darfield, NZ.

If ordering direct from daymakertouring.com and value is under 1000NZD, there are no import fees.


For Japanese orders, please order directly from Moment Ski Japan . Moment Skis Japan is also DaymakersJP on instagram. Atsushi, the owner, has been a trusted retailer since 2017 and provides exceptional service. Prices on Moment Skis Japan include local shipping with import fees & taxes already paid.

Moment Skis Japan is the sole distributor of Daymaker Touring products in Japan. Retail networks of ski shops is expanding, contact your local shop to see if they stock our products!

If ordering direct from Daymakertouring.com, a 10% consumption tax may be due upon delivery.



New for 2024, we offer a unique DHL to local carrier service, along with small distribution out of Santiago. This has allowed us to reduce your cost and time to import our adapters. Please order directly through Daymakertouring.com! We offer a special $60 shipping option that prepays customs and shipping together so that you do not have any unexpected fees.

19% VAT + other handling / government fees (typically 50 USD total upon delivery). 

South America in General

please order directly through Daymakertouring.com! $30 shipping fee and import taxes and fees of approximately 50-60 USD.