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At Daymaker Touring, we believe in producing a product that allows top professionals in skiing to excel at what they do best. There is no Daymaker Touring athlete team, just a collection of individuals who have chosen to use our product to perform to the highest levels.

This is our collection of skiers that choose to use Daymakers in their quiver


Tanner Hall

Freeskiing Legend with over a handful of X games medals. Currently competing on the Freeride World Tour and continuously producing some of the most incredible backcountry skiing segments.

HERE AFTER: A Tanner Hall Film from ARMADA SKIS on Vimeo.


Jacob Wester

Swedish X games Slopestyle skier turned backcountry slayer years ago. Jacob has held a spot on the Armada Pro Team for over a decade and is pushing the limits of steep skiing and freeride maneuvers in Chamonix, France.

Nick Geopper

2-time olympic ski slopestyle medalist, Nick packs an almost unbeatable slopestyle ski record. Amazingly technical and always dialed in the park, Nick has now caught a backcountry sweet tooth with Daymakers under his feet.

Ian Hamilton

Ian is one seriously focused individual on bettering his skiing and himself. From competing in the highest levels of slopestyle competitions to filming with Poor Boyz Productions, he amazes onlookers with his hardwork and ability to stomp huge tricks. Switch double misty 1260 over Pyramid gap.. need we say more?

Ahmet Dadali

Ahmet began putting out segments with Rage films in 2006, and has filmed a complete segment with Rage, Level 1 productions, or Lafam Channel every single year since then. 13 years of producing top of the industry BC jumping segments and urban skiing has earned him spots in X games Real Ski and Male Athlete of the year. This dude skis hard.

Alex Hall

2019 X Games Ski Slopestyle Gold Medalist, 2019 Worldcup Ski Slopestyle Gold medalist, Faction Pro team rider... He's at the top to say the least. Watch him ski here for the Faction Collective movie "This Is Home", and see him rip classic Verbier jumps with legend Candide Thovex.

Anti Olilla

Anti is a Finnish Freeskier with a huge competitive slopestyle background. You can find him in the big movies and a star in Faction skis movies from the streets to the powder. Here's a look at him skiing in British Columbia winter 2018

Here's Anti and Alex in their elements at Ruka Spring park, Finland

Chris Laker

Mario Gattinger

Bernhard Braun

Our Austrian Big Mountain Heavy-Hitter. His skiing and line choices will make you fantasize about a day in the high alpine with him. Check this guy out on instagram!

Bernhard Braun daymaker touring athlete austrian pro freeskier

Jake Little

Jake Hopfinger

Jake is on the comeup in the big mountain ski world, showing his skills as the star of the series "Before Tomorrow", a beautifully made series by Benshi Creative.

Before Tomorrow - EP. 1 Roadside Attractions from Benshi Creative on Vimeo.


Shane Cottom