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The Tekdapters step directly in and out of any alpine binding, instantly transforming them into an ultra-rigid, friction-free pin interface tech binding for the ascent.

Collapse the adapter to it's smallest size, and stash them in your pack to experience the descent without worrying about pre-release or injury from a non-releasable touring binding. Ski variable snow conditions with a whole new level of bump smashing confidence clicked into your trusted, unmodified, full-of-elastic-travel, alpine bindings.

This adapter is loaded with features - all while achieving a weight of just 520g. 


The most essential unit of the TEKDAPTERS. The TEKLOCK system is made possible by the unique Jaw Plate component.

  • TEKLOCK Jaw Plate

    This highly machined T6 Aluminum part utilizes compliant zones that flex within the materials range of elastic deformation to close the pins directly onto the tech inserts in the toe of your boot. This is superior to a pivoting closure as there is zero slop, zero wear, less weight and more strength.

  • Universal Binding Interface

    THE TEKLOCK Jaw Plate has been painstakingly designed referencing 3d scan data collected from every major binding on the market. The carefully considered cutouts on the front of the Jaw Plates precisely wrap around even the deepest and widest toe pieces, like the infamous Salomon STH series, giving you the freedom to ski tour on your most trusted bindings for the utmost in backcountry performance and safety.

  • Glove & Ski Pole Friendly TEKLOCK Lever

    Lock into the TEKDAPTERS with an easy to operate quick release lever. Unlock the system with an oversized lever loop designed to fit your ski pole, avoiding the need to bend down to step out of the adapter.


The Sole-Sync™ system makes setting up TEKDAPTERS to match your boot soles a breeze. Collapse the TEKDAPTERS from a maximum length of 345mm down to a minuscule 255mm with the flip of a switch!

  • Z-Clamp Quick Release

    With the flick of a glove-friendly quick release lever, the TEKDAPTERS unlock both alphabetically scaled telescopic tubes at once for fast and effortless resizing with a range of 255mm to 345mm.

  • Customize Your Size

    The telescopic tubes can be trimmed just like ski poles, to reduce the pack-size down to an unobtrusive 205mm in length. An internal topout cord, which keeps the TEKDAPTERS from overextending, can be tied off for a super fast and precise deployment to your exact boot size, every time. You can even remove the quick release and set the adapters to your exact boot size, saving 180g/pair with the Carbon Fixed Length Tube Set

  • Tool-Free AFD Adjust

    The tool free Anti Friction Device (AFD) Shims are easily adjustable to match the exact thickness of your boot soles. From Gripwalk soles (ISO 9355) to Downhill (ISO 5355), SOLESYNC has got you covered, no matter how worn down your boots get.  Have an ISO 9523 touring boot sole (MNC)? No problem! We sell an additional kit to replace the shim.

Carbon Fiber Fixed Length Tube Set

Customize your Tekdapters by removing the SoleSync length adjust system and lockout the length - saving 160g/pair & a precise fit everytime!

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Ascend confidently on the most challenging terrain with the Tekdapters 3-position PITCH SWITCH riser system. 

  • Field Goal Guide Rails

    Each position of the PITCH SWITCH features our unique "Field Goal Guide Rails" designed to guide your boot into place as you step down. This gives you powerful edging capability for tricky terrain. The spring loaded cam mechanism inside the PITCHSWITCH ensures precise location of the risers making it incredibly fast and easy to operate with your ski pole.

  • Traction Grooves

    The upright positions of the PITCHSWITCH feature traction grooves to further grip your boot sole so you can confidently tackle steep traverses and challenging kick turns without slipping.

  • Neutral Stance Compensation

    Just like the beloved DAYMAKERS CLASSIC, the TEKDAPTERS' lowest mode is designed at  -2º. This negative angle compensates for the forward ramp built into your ski boots, and provides for an incredibly comfortable upright stance while touring flat terrain, ridge lines, and mellow descents.


The TEKDAPTERS from Daymaker Touring have been thoughtfully designed and meticulously engineered at every level to be lightweight, dependable, and easy to use for years and years of service.To achieve the most feature-loaded adapter ever at the lightest weight, every detail of TEKDAPTERS serves function.

  • Ice Shedding

    Hydrophobic materials with polished gloss finishes are utilized to prevent ice buildup in key locations. The open, ported design of the cam mechanism ensures ice and snow can be mechanically ejected each time the elevator is cycled. This ensures trouble free operation in the deepest and most packable snow conditions.

  • High Strength Materials & Simulations

    A chasis built from a blend of Ultra-light Carbon infused Nylon, impact-resistant POM plastic, and high-strength Aluminum alloys. Every piece of this adapter system ran through complex computer simulations and prototype testing for the optimal shape to minimize material thickness.

  • Modularity and Sustainability

    We believe the best form of sustainability is by producing a completely modular system that can be easily worked on by the consumer. Our replacement parts are easily purchased through our website to ensure your adapter can be used for decades to come. 
    "The best way to reduce any environmental impact is not to recycle more, but to produce and dispose of less”  - Michael Braungart, Cradle to Cradle

Technical specifications

  • Product Weight


  • Max User Weight

    225lbs including backpack & boots.
    * above this weight, our product warranty/guarantee policy is dismissed and product will be used at the consumer's discretion. Please email for details

  • Boot Compatibility

    255mm to 345mm (~21.5 to 31 mondo)
    ISO 5355 (downhill soles) & Gripwalk soles. For Walk to ride and Fully Rockered Soles please obtain a Touring Sole Shim Kit in the spare parts.

  • Binding compatibility

    All downhill bindings

    • Look
    • Marker
    • Knee
    • Rossignol
    • Salomon
    • Tyrolia
    • Atomic

Tekdapters Assembly Tutorial

The Tekdapters take just a few minutes to setup out of the box, and require no tools!

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Works great, you can use your favourites bindings/skis everywhere

Bruce Miller
Daymaker Tekdapters

Great service from Daymaker and the Tekdapters arrived promptly to New Zealand. I haven't used them yet, but I've had the classic adapters from Daymaker for the last few years, which worked really well. These look like another quality product and I'm looking forward to putting them into action.

Catherine Chow
Perfect for my needs

These are exactly what I was expecting and what I wanted. Transitioning from a touring frame binding so this is about the same performance and drawbacks but with the added bonus of being able to use it on any ski in the quiver. I can’t wait to take it to LATAM in a few months and see how it performs on longer tours. Not heavy enough that it interferes with speed on the ups, I was able to keep up with a fit friend on a pin binding on a 2km resort tour last weekend. I can’t see myself getting a dedicated touring set up after trying this tool, when I can bring it to any ski that conditions dictate is appropriate for the day.

Sold 100%

I've been putting off getting a touring setup for a while unsure if it would just become another toy collecting dust in the garage. Had been looking at the regular Daymakers for a while and then got my hands on some tech boots. I went out for my first tour, easily did 3+ miles and 3k ft of vert no problem. I was out pacing my buddy on his full setup and climbing was a breeze. (included a photo of him playing catchup lol) I get the benefits of having a full tech set up for the weight but honestly these are super light and I preferred skiing my pivots on the way down (yes I know the cast system exists). Going back out touring again next weekend and this has opened up a whole new realm of possibilities and lines for me. I would highly recommend to ANYONE who is looking into trying touring and unsure if they want to fully commit. The big bonus of the tekdapters is having the ideal pivot point on the toe. Feel like this made a huge difference in performance vs just going with the regular Daymakers. Granted I have no experience on an actual tech setup BUT this was simple, awesome and got me HOOKED on touring. They're super easy to use and we climbed across some fairly steep and technical faces with no issue. Only gripe would be they take up space in the pack on the way down but hey what can you expect, nothing you can do to change that but buy a bigger pack lol 20/10 would recommend!! Way to go guys!

Victor Sul
Sick shtuff

These are absolutely sick man! I don't trust pin bindings and shifts when I go down hill. Only thing I trusted were pivots and I didn't want to buy a cast touring set up so these are actually perfect. Took these out for a week in Japow and worked marvelously! Amazing job daymaker!