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The Easiest Solution to Start Touring

Daymakers easily convert any standard downhill ski setup into a powder chasing alpine touring rig in a matter of seconds. Simply attach climbing skins to your skis, clip the Daymakers onto your boots, step into your skis, and begin touring.

Ascend confidently with Daymakers stable and torsionally rigid design. Once you reach the goods, Daymakers can be stepped out of with a flick of your pole and the flat, low profile design stores unobtrusively in your backpack for the ski down.

4Bar Tech - Smooth walking WITHOUT a walk-mode boot.

The revolutionary 4 Bar Tech hinge creates the most natural stride in all of ski touring by replacing the single pivot point of other touring bindings with a linkage-driven virtual pivot that rotates directly under the balls of your feet. This unlocks the range of motion to tour comfortably and effectively in boots with or without walk modes.Since the rotation to walk comes from the linkage, you do not need tech fittings in your boots to tour with Daymakers!

On flat terrain like approaches, ridge lines, or even mellow descents, the -3° neutral stance of the Daymakers counters the forward lean built into boots and bindings for a comfortable, upright stance, even with non walk-mode boots. When the going gets steeper there are 7° and 12.5° elevators that can be quickly deployed with your hand or ski pole using the Easy Levers.

Technical specifications

  • Product Weight

    1440g / pair

  • Max User Weight

    225lbs including backpack & boots.
    * above this weight, our product warranty/guarantee policy is dismissed and product will be used at the consumer's discretion. Please email for details

  • Boot Compatibility

    274mm to 345mm (~23 to 31 mondo)
    ISO 5355 or Gripwalk / Walk to Ride. Spare parts kit contains shims to add between plastic toe lug and metal toe plate for gripwalk and walk to ride ski boots.

  • Binding compatibility

    All downhill bindings

    • Look
    • Marker
    • Knee
    • Rossignol
    • Salomon
    • Tyrolia
    • Atomic

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews

A ski touring adapter for downhill ski boots, they look good so I’ll give them the thumbs up but won’t actually use them until next year, I was happy there was no extra import charges to the uk


It works! Worth the cost if you want to get out and put the work in.

Josh Barilar
A different way to tour!

The end of all be all touring debate, it is truly never ending: Do get a light boot and a light ski? What about my binding? King pins-atks freeraiders-no wait, shifts!

Insert Daymaker- a different way to tour. This setup makes you look at the descent in a totally different way and in a much more confident way. Yes, you might not skinning 8k in these, but the quality of your descent will be significantly better.

Let's face it, all true Touring boots and tech bindings do not compare to an alpine setup. Yes, companies are trying but were not there yet.

The new daymakers changes the way you look at the mountain and how you ski it in the backcountry BUT also is a option for complete Newbys who maybe only tour 2 to 3 times a year.

I honestly think these are a must have for everyone and I throughly enjoy them!


This is perfect for someone getting into touring! Could not have asked for more!

Best thing since sliced bread

First off, these things are bombproof as long as they are adjusted properly and treated with some TLC. With annual or even just biennial preventative maintenance (simply tightening the various screws and nuts with tools that are included for free), the Daymakers have lasted me for a full five seasons with no problems, and they show no signs of slowing up anytime soon.

Second, the versatility the adapters offer for broke ski bums like myself is unbeatable. I love that I am able to use my entire resort quiver in the backcountry, and don’t need to buy a full new ski/binding combo or drill new holes in my existing, pricey skis just to try out a new backcountry setup. All I needed were these adapters and a pair of skins. It’s my favorite!!

Third, they’re not that heavy IMO, and are a much better option than similarly weighted frame bindings, which are what I originally started touring with. Personally I have had no problem getting between 3-6k vertical feet of touring in basically every outing on these bad boys, even with the weight of my titanal-filled skis and mid-weight hybrid downhill/touring boots. And I still tour faster than many people who are on dedicated touring setups! Take that, weight weenies!

Overall, I can’t complain. These adapters have given me the opportunity to explore places that I never would’ve reached otherwise, mostly due to budget constraints. I’m so thankful these are a thing, and so happy to see they’ve gone down in price. Everyone deserves to tour!