$ 69.95
CAMP USA aluminum rocket shovel


$ 69.95

The CAMP USA Rocket shovel is the next step up in snow removal and avalanche safety. Made of 6061 T6 Aluminum, with an oversized (24 x 28cm) shovel, expandable handle, and optimized shape for breaking packed snow, this shovel packs the right punch for speed and precision in saving lives all at 650g (22.3oz). 

The teeth featured on the top of the blade is something we truly believe in. When that time hits (cross our fingers it doesn't) and you actually need to put your gear to the test and beat the clock, you'll be glad you had the toothed-footpad design. The average rescue takes 15-40 minutes of heavy snow removal at heart exploding rates. The ability to use your feet to break through hard snow will help save your arms, and get your buddy out quicker.


Blade Dimensions: 24 x 28 cm, 9.4 x  11 in
Shaft Length: 47-65 cm, 18.5 – 25.6 in
Blade Material: Aluminum
Weight: 650g (22.3oz)


*When in the Backcountry, always practice safe habits. Be aware of those above, and below you. Here are some tips to help you, and those around you, stay safe and have fun in the mountains!

Quick Rescue Tips

  • Leave the probe in place. Starting on the downhill side of the probe and from a distance that’s 1.5 times the burial depth, dig in toward the probe.
  • Initially kneel down and throw snow sideways rather than downhill. This ‘starter hole’ (which is really more of a terrace) should be about as wide as your wingspan (a tad wider if two of you are shoveling side by side) and should create a terrace that takes you about half way to the probe. Stand up as the terrace gets deeper, and keep digging and throwing snow to the side until the hole (terrace) is waist deep. 
  • Now start digging out the rest of the area between you and the probe. Rather than moving this snow to the side, throw it downhill beyond the starter hole you’ve already created.
  • If there are two diggers, you can greatly accelerate the time needed to reach the victim. There are different techniques but the video above shows a simple, effective strategy. Have the two shovelers start downhill of the probe with the back shoveler working at a distance of 1.5 the probe-strike distance downhill of the victim and the front victim working more immediately downhill of the probe. Both shovelers should throw snow to the side until their respective holes are waist deep. At this point the front shoveler starts throwing snow on the back shovelers terrace and the back shoveler throws it downhill.
  • Upon reaching the victim determine how you’re going to uncover the head and face as quickly as possible.

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The conveyor method efficient avalanche debri removal