Congratulations! You have received your Daymakers! Before using, please view the videos below. It is highly recommended to check the fitment with the skis and boots that will be used prior to the day of use. 

If you have encountered an issue, please reference the guide above, or contact us via the online chat or Contact Us page for assistance. 

Using your Daymakers - A Full Guide

In general it is advised to put one Daymaker on the boot, step into the ski and repeat for the other side. When operating the elevators, always use a hand or a pole grip on the handle, never reach into the hinge to lift. When taking the Daymakers off, step the boot out of the Daymakers, and then step the Daymakers out of the skis.

Ice Buildup

In some situations, it is possible for ice to build up under the links of the Daymakers. If you notice snow building up, stop and clear it out using your pole. Failure to clear ice buildup can result in damage.