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$ 299.99


$ 299.99
Ships within 4 days of order due to setup and processing time. 135mm wide Contour Skins $60 off!


  • Daymakers easily convert any standard downhill ski setup into a powder chasing alpine touring rig in a matter of seconds. Simply attach climbing skins to your skis, clip the Daymakers onto your boots, step into your skis, and begin touring.

    Ascend confidently with Daymakers stable and torsionally rigid design. Once you reach the goods, Daymakers can be stepped out of with a flick of your pole and the flat, low profile design stores unobtrusively in your backpack for the ski down.

    The revolutionary 4 Bar Tech hinge creates the most natural stride in all of ski touring by replacing the single pivot point of other touring bindings with a linkage-driven virtual pivot that rotates directly under the balls of your feet. This unlocks the range of motion to tour comfortably and effectively in boots with or without walk modes. Since the rotation to walk comes from the linkage, you do not need tech fittings in your boots to tour with Daymakers!

    On flat terrain like approaches, ridge lines, or even mellow descents, the -3° neutral stance of the Daymakers counters the forward lean built into boots and bindings for a comfortable, upright stance, even with non walk-mode boots. When the going gets steeper there are 7° and 12.5° elevators that can be quickly deployed with your hand or ski pole using the Easy Levers.


      Weight: 525g/adapter
      Size Compatibility: Fits Boot Sole Length 255mm to 340mm with ability to modify to 220mm. 
      Boot Compatibility: ISO 5355 or Gripwalk 9355. 
      Dry Bag Specs

      Binding Compatibility: Compatible with every downhill ski binding

      • ATOMIC- All  
      • Knee- All
      • Look- All 
      • Marker- All
      • Rossignol- All
      • SALOMON- All 
      • Tyrolia- All

      Daymakers Setup and Usage Guide

    • We ship international, please allow 24hr processing on all orders

      All Alpine Adapters have Free Domestic and Canadian Shipping, and we charge a flat rate of $20 for international. Daymaker Touring DOES NOT pay for sales tax (VAT, GST, PST) or import duties. This is the sole responsibility of the Importer upon delivery. Please email us at info@daymakertouring.com for further details.

      For European orders, please order directly from Klint Skis Norway
      For Australian orders, please order directly from Blackbird Bespoke Ski Co
      For Japanese orders, please order directly from Moment Ski Japan

      Please email us at info@daymakertouring.com for further details.
      Return Policy

      If you have failed to use it for any reason within 90 days of purchase, you are eligible for a full value refund. The product must be returned in the unused condition and original product packaging. Customer is fully responsible for all shipping costs and import fees.

      *Guarantee does not cover lost or stolen products, but please email us if this is the case

      *Daymaker Touring warranties may not be transferred and are reserved for the original purchaser only. All warranty returns must be supported by a copy of the original Proof of Purchase or Daymaker Touring order #. If the original proof of purchase or order # cannot be provided or found on a warranty return, Daymaker Touring will use the manufacturing date as the start of the warranty period.

      Please see FAQ for details. Daymaker Touring does not pay VAT, GST, or any import duties/taxes.



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