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Big Sky Rover Universal Length Nylon Skins

$ 119.99 $ 129.99 saving $ 10.00
Big Sky Rover Universal Length Nylon Skins

Big Sky Rover Universal Length Nylon Skins

$ 119.99 $ 129.99 saving $ 10.00

Available in 100mm, 110mm, 115mm, 125mm, 140mm, and 145mm Widths. 

If you are new to touring this is a skin that we highly recommend.  As opposed to mohair skins which are designed to have max efficiency in their glide, Nylon skins are designed to provide the best TRACTION on the market and be ultra durable. If you haven't mastered your pressure while touring on difficult terrain, this type of skin can help. BSMP (Big Sky Mountain Products) bombproof plush provides the grip and durability people have come to expect from nylon with surprising gliding performance thanks to low-angle fibers

BSMP’s best in the business self-renewing climbing skin glue will go to work for you no matter the conditions. To shed unnecessary weight and drag, these skins come tapered at the tail. At a sacrifice of the strong, reliable adhesive combined with stronger nylon, the skin is slightly less foldable than the 100% mohair skins that we offer from contour. Considering that you will be putting your adapters and skins in a backpack, as opposed to some people who tour on tech bindings and will sometimes put their skins in their jacket, top notch foldability likely is not your priority. 

Rover ski skins utilize the super-efficient Quick-Snap tail clip which is adjustable up to 8cm. The wire tip clip is simple, unbreakable, and will fit virtually any ski tip. We recommend these ski skins for any skis but those with the most aggressive twin tips or off-set tails. For those users, please see the BSMP OG clip skins

  • 100/115/125/140 mm x 200 cm – Nylon Climbing Skin with tail taper in Blue/Green Pineapple Graphic
  • Quick-Snap Tail Connector
  • Universal Wire Tip Connector
  • BSMP Skin Wax
  • Trim Tool & Instructions


This is a trim to fit skin. It will fit skis as long as 200cm, and you can cut it as short as you need.  more information on trimming located 

We recommend that customers use the tail width of their skis as a reference for a standard skin fit. So, if the tail of your ski is 110mm wide, we would suggest a 115mm skin. For those who desire extra grip, purchase a skin wide enough to cover the entirety of your tip. For those desiring extra glide, get a skinnier skin based on your ski’s width underfoot and cut the skin straight to reveal more base at your tip and tail.


Product does not come with Plastic Mesh Cheat Sheet 

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