$ 80.00 $ 359.99 saving $ 279.99


$ 80.00 $ 359.99 saving $ 279.99

*Rental deposit is automatically added to cart with rental purchase. The deposit is equal to the current sale price (MSRP 359.99) minus the selected rental period. Deposit will be refunded immediately after the rental is returned. Rentals for US customers only!

Maybe you can't justify purchasing a pair of Daymakers yet for your 1 week trip a year to a touring destination, or possibly you just want to give a product a try before committing?  We now offer a chance for you to explore the great world of powder by renting the Daymaker Alpine Ski Touring adapter weekly!

Unlike traditional alpine touring setups that require a special ski boot, or special bindings mounted to your skis, the Daymakers alpine adapter acts as a converter for turning your downhill ski bindings and normal ski boots into an alpine ski touring setup in seconds. This can easily save hundreds, if not a thousand dollars on purchasing a means to start backcountry skiing. The best part of all is that you can continue to use the bindings you trust , and transfer it between all the skis you love!

Please visit the Daymakers Alpine Adapter product page here for product specs and details

Here's how it works.

  1. Review How To Use Daymakers Video  and Proper Snow Removal Precaution
  2. Ensure that your boot size is compatible with the Daymakers.
  3. Type in your Boot Sole Length and Binding Make/model on the order page so we can setup your Daymakers in advance. 
  4. Purchase Daymakers Rental. For a 1 week rental, you will be charged $219.99 as a deposit. This is the Daymakers value - an $80 base weekly rental. current price of adapters is $299.99. 
  5. Go ski some powder once they arrive!
  6. Return the Daymakers in their original box with the provided return shipping label. 
  7. Upon return, you will be refunded the security deposit.

Example: if you choose to rent for 1 week, your CC will only be charged $219.99 and $80 . Once the item is returned, you will be refunded $219.99. 

    If you enjoy your experience and would like to buy the adapters, we will use 100% of your rental towards the purchase of the pair. 

    Shipping and Returns

    * Shipping both ways is included in the price
    * Rental period begins the day the shipment arrives to your destination. From there, renter is required to mail the adapters back on the 7th day (rentals are in multiples of 7 days, or 1 month).
    *If the adapters are not scanned into a shipping system within 24hrs of the 7th day, renter will be responsible to pay for 1 additional week of rental. so you should probably go touring again
    * If the Return does not occur, Daymaker will keep the Security Deposit and you will now be the owner of a new pair of Daymakers Alpine adapters! 


     Ski resorts are growing pricier by the day as liftlines are getting longer and longer. Why wait to experience life changing snow?

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